Dragon Painting Performance [März 2016]

The dragons have their monument now. In a dark corner, where else. One night, before having a meal, we went down to the cave wall to paint out the dragons. They have witnessed our regular mutual fighting in the cave for so long they were already screaming for dance. Yes, they were already there. Other people might have seen faces or any other preferrable projection, like apples, plants or beer. The clouds, the trees, and even the books are full of secret and excitement, always and everywhere, and there is nothing really to be added. The thing we did was to remember and act. We did not produce any sense. One could maintain there were not only dragons shown, but other animals and ghosts. So do not ask us to explain ourselves. Watch out for the dragon instead. Get the context. That is of greatest importance, you know.

black and white pigment, tempera emulsion and the big brush. the mere performance took one and a half hours. the triangular flash is for better aiming and visibility






dragon I

dragon II

dragon III






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