Eric´s Got The Eye [Online Exposition]

"Human art could have done no more in the delineation of her superhuman beauty. The same ethereal figure which stood before me the preceding night upon the steps of the Ducal Palace, stood before me once again. But in the expression of the countenance, which was beaming all over with smiles, there still lurked (incomprehensible anomaly !) that fitful stain of melancholy which will ever be found inseparable from the perfection of the beautiful." E.A. Poe, The Assignation

Eric is a friend of mine. I know him for two decades now, and I was convinced of his potentials from the start. Up to this day, I have to temper a suspicion he might treat his possibilities with unjustifiable negligence. But who escapes destiny? So after having viewed the instagram-collection of Eric´s smartphone shots, I have allowed myself to ask for permission and obtained the right to publish a selection in order to create a little bigger monument. As this is about Eric´s work, negligence is part of the exposition. For the artist, it would have been too much to send the few desired pictures´ originals, for reasons of general life. Eric has got style, he always had. Eric makes me understand something. I don´t know what. So let us willfully shorten it down and bring this text to an end: art is about negligence. And about destiny. Art, it seems, is very much about the beauty of >>tristesse<<, as much as the tristesse of the beautiful…

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